The Crossroads Deck

Ben Harris

An easy vanish and the re-appearance of a chosen card.


A spectator is handed a cased deck with the promise that the performer will not touch it!

The performer also places his wallet on the table, “This is my money trick…” he explains*. Two spectators are asked to assist. Together, they decide upon what appears to be a “freely chosen card.” In this instance, we’ll assume they decide upon the “Seven of Hearts.” The performer now invokes his magic, and the selected card is brought under his spell-from a distance-by these magical passes and incantations.

Reminding the audience that he has not once touched the cards, the spectator holding the cased deck is instructed to remove the cards from the case and to count them “OUT LOUD, one at a time, FACE DOWN.” He does so and counts only 51 cards to the table! In other words, one card is missing! You can hear a penny drop-“my goodness, could it be…?” Before that thought-and the resulting implications are allowed to fully form-the spectator is asked to turn the cards FACE UP. He is now instructed to specifically locate and remove the SELECTED card. Even with those standing nearby assisting him, he cannot locate the card-it has COMPLETELY VANISHED from the deck!

This amazing disappearance is accomplished remotely-and automatically-without you having to touch the cards. Only ONE DECK is used and it is given to the spectator BEFORE the card is selected. Again, reminding the audience that he’d previously declared this his “money trick” the performer gestures towards-but does not actually touch-his wallet. It’s been on the table since before the card was selected. A spectator is invited to rummage around within. Inside she finds ONE SINGLE CARD. This is the SELECTED CARD!

Note: The performer is free to re-produce the selected (and just vanished) card from a variety of amazing places: inside his wallet, inside his shoe, under his hat, or even a spectator’s own pocket! It’s really up to you. Again, it’s FULLY AUTOMATIC. Can immediately be REPEATED with ANOTHER named card and without any re-set!


Completely SELF-WORKING (both the vanish and the re-appearance)

You never touch the cards – EVER

Only the one deck used (no more multiple-deck outs)

Spectator can remove card from its final destination

Immediately repeatable (ideal for walk-around, or the streets)

Chosen card can appear in your wallet, shoe, pocket, or anywhere – you decide*

No switches of any kind. No stooges of any kind.


Steve Shufton has cunningly applied the “Crossroads” concept to the “Any Card At Any Number” plot and come up with one of the most perfect handlings ever. A card is named, a number is named. The chosen card appears at the nominated number and the performer NEVER ONCE TOUCHES THE DECK. Only the one eck used, and it’s out on the table BEFORE you start.

You receive the gloriously produced 36 page PDF ebook, with introduction by Peter Duffie. Use your own cards, no specially printed or produced cards are required.


“I’ve been exploring versions since the mid-1970s and enjoyed your thinking on this.”
– Max Maven

“This is going to FRY a lot of people…” – Richard Kaufman

“Darkest deception from crystal clear thinking” -Dominic Reyes

“This is so devious – created with an incredibly sharp magic scalpel – that I predict this to become an instant classic.” – Chris Wasshuber

“We’ve just had the pleasure of previewing a draft of what will be called The Crossroads Deck, by Ben Harris. Thorough crediting supports a pleasing mixture of psychologically innovative applications of time tested themes as well as familiar approaches that both captivate and entertain. Well written and easy to understand, Mr. Harris’ basic method and impossible vanish and reappearance routine are magnified by the fact that the deck is not touched by the performer!

“A second effect by Steve Shufton logically extends the possibilities. Properly done, a thoughtful, capable performer will be remembered as having demonstrated an Any Card At Any Number, again, where the untouched deck is handled only by the Participant in a very simple, straightforward way without any prior preparation.

“This is potentially a very strong impression to leave with any audience. The “Crossroads Technique” alone, which we really like, will be seen as food for thought by many. As mentalists, our variation would be to use no deck at all. Just a single, thought-of card in the pocket. The solution will dawn on you after reading the text.”
– Richard Busch & Larry Becker

“There are two main features here; a named card vanishes from a sealed deck that you never touch, and the card is found at an impossible location of your choice. Causing any card to vanish from a deck under such impossible conditions is not an easy problem to solve. However, Ben has hit on an elegant solution, and what’s more; the whole thing is technically self-working. If you’re looking for a direct and powerful card effect, you’ll love this. And, if you enjoy experimenting and exploring the ins and outs of a trick, you’ll love this even more because the possibilities seem endless…”
– Peter Duffie (from the foreword)

(4 customer reviews)

4 reviews for The Crossroads Deck

  1. Christopher Pullen

    I really like this. At first I was not sure because I thought, how am I going to sneak their chosen card out of the deck once they name it? No need for that. The setup enables you to VANISH a seemingly freely selected card and have it reapear wherever you wish! It is so incredibly simple you will be doing this within five minutes after reading the book. So easy to do. I was also thrown off by the selection method, but most magicians use this any way and if you word it correctly, the laypeaople will have no idea what is going on.
    The Card At Any Number is AMAZIG! Probably the best version I have seen in a long time. Very convincing and you can have the deck on the table before hand and you NEVER touch it which is everything I have been looking for.

  2. isaac ochoa

    very nice i like this looks like real magic as soon as i read the book couldnt wait to try it had some huge reaction just like any other magic u like its as good as u make it.

  3. Lance Payne

    I really love this effect and think that the crossroad deck provides the means to perform a fabulous effect, so for that reason alone this is worth the money. My issue is that the CRACAAN effect is not literally correct, while the spectator may come away from it thinking that it was is another thing. If we’re going to say that close is close enough then fine but we all have spent too much money on tricks that could not deliver what they promised and we usually (at least I do) suck it up and put those tricks in our drawers. I’m very happy with this purchase, It just brings to mind all the times I’ve been let down by what was promised and what was delivered

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