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The reveal just kills.


“…the reveal just kills.” – Lonnie Dilan, Card Pro

Every magician uses a Sharpie and most carry one around with them. So they started using THIS instead and putting it into their routines. The response was instant and pretty overwhelming. You MUST have this and we’ll tell you why. Some things, you don’t know why they work but they simply do.

When we came out with this as a promotion last year we knew that mangling the Sharpie logo into a playing card reveal was a good idea, but we didn’t know HOW good. You’ll thank us for coming out with this. A genuine Sharpie, with ONE difference.

Pick up one, or three, today.

Note: You must know how to force a card in order to use this product. You will receive a black sharpie.



“I used the paddle move with the sharpie, to turn the writing into the SixClubs – in a bar, on New Year’s Eve 🙂 To have the spectators watching, as the writing almost visibly turns into naming their card… My specs jumped through the *roof* (or at least, would have done if I was inside… as it happens, I was outside in the smoking area)

The key to working with the sharpie is to just not be afraid of handling it openly – the specs know what a sharpie looks like, and a cursory glance will confirm everything they know.

As it happens, when I pulled the Sharpie out, one of the specs said something along the lines of “Man, Sharpies will write on *anything*, they’re great!” – At that point, I was so far ahead of the game that it wasn’t even funny anymore!” – Brendon, Area 51 Member on Ellusionist.

I like the paddle move with the sharpie. I show the logo with the paddle move and I just talk to them about permanent ink and how it’s impossible to change things once they have been written on paper. I pop the cap and have them write a few things on the force card. i hold the cap and they hand me the marker…recap and table the marker…….then I just have them hold the deck and card….shuffle up till happy and I rub the sharpie logo and blammo.

Another funny thing I do is a deck stab with the sharpie. First, force card, then have them stab the deck with the sharpie. Have them cut the deck where they put the pen. They don’t find the card..but you say that the pen found the card….point out the printing and get ready for some great reactions…the reveal just kills! – Lonnie Dilan, Card Pro

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29 reviews for Trick Sharpie

  1. Markos Beebe

    The sharpie is amazing (quality wise) and feels and works like a real sharpie. So you can use it for any signed card routines or whatever you like. It makes a GREAT ending for any kind of card routine ( I use it for triumph). One thing you can use it for is as a “magic wand” and then the card changes or does whatever. And then you can say well you know why it works as a magic wand? BECAUSE ITS GOT YOUR CARD ON IT!!! MINDFREAK!!!! Well anyway you can see how good this is and for so cheap it’s well worth it. And if your already carrying a sharpie with you, then why not have one with a sick feature? It’s amazing!
    Good luck with any ideas you come up with it!

  2. Tyler Lunsford

    This is something you must have. It’s a trick you can always carry and it will level up your signed card tricks!

  3. Miguel Roa

    It’s just a working sharpie with the name of a card written on it.

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