Exploding Light Bulb

Yigal Mesika

Heavy Mental Magic.


A clear light bulb is removed from a lamp (for example a table light), which has been turned on and off, and can be shown to spectators to be a regular bulb. The performer holds the base of the bulb between his fingers and concentrates on it. Suddenly and unexpectedly the bulb explodes and shatters into little pieces.

Pros of Yigal Mesika’s Exploding Bulb:

  • It takes a few seconds to learn the method
  • It takes a few minutes to get down handling
  • The gimmick will last a long time
  • The gimmick is small and skin colored – virtually invisible
  • This effect always gets an amazing reaction (normally shock/disbelief)
  • The effect can be done at most angles
  • Plays in great with acts

What’s included:

  • High quality gimmick
  • Instruction booklet
(16 customer reviews)

16 reviews for Exploding Light Bulb

  1. Christopher P. Nicholson

    This is one that I really wanted to be a goto piece for my mentalism act, but it never really worked out. I went through about ten light bulbs, and only two actually “exploded.” The rest would either break off the bulb in one large chunk, or cause the bulb to just crumble.

    But I did want to respond to one criticism from an earlier reviewer that “flesh color” of the apparatus didn’t match darker skin tones. Like the TT, if it’s the color shade that gives you away, you are not holding or operating it correctly.

  2. Steve M.

    That’s really good gimmick!! Easy to perform and you can do this anytime, anywhere with a normal bulb. I am gonna use in my magic show at school on stage!

  3. Dave Powers

    I used this in my recent “Unseen Forces” tour. This little item packs a punch! Easy to use. You can put the bulb in a clear plastic bag or as I do, just have a cloth held by two spectators under the bulb for ease in clean up!

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